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On the type again

So I’ve decided to return (not that I really decided to leave, I just sort of stopped) to the old keyboard. New keyboard actually. I’m writing this on a laptop instead of my usual PC, but y’know… Any who. I am now officially a student of University level. So that’s cool. It’s very interesting and  fun so far. The PSO (private students organisation) I’ve been entered in is all sorts of awesome. Bunch of really swell guys and…….. Ah  I dunno any more. I don’t really have the motivation to write any more right now, I guess I’ll return when I return I do get some motivation back……. Cheerios and all the usual crap


So while I fully realise that no-one will probably read this it is quite a good way to vent, and vent I must. Currently it feels like my life is a piece of utter horse excrement, now I know that there are many people out there in far worse situations but I am really not having any sort of fun.

Firstly I am too much of a little cat (translate that to the non family friendly word for sense making) to ask the girl I’m desperately crushing on out. To fully explain exactly how much of a little cat I am (translate again please) just take a note of this. I’m the kind of guy who couldn’t tell a girl how I felt about her (I liked her, a lot) after the second time she kissed me. So that’s the kind of guts I’m working with.

Also I’m busy with my final exams of my high school career and I’m really scared of letting everybody down, as I’m really suffering with the whole studying thing. It is my fault and I know it but dammit I just friggin can’t do enough to feel comfortable with my work.

Then my best friend started dating my second best friend about nine months ago and while I’m bloody happy for the both of them I’ve kinda lost both of them myself. They are constantly together and its almost impossible to have a proper conversation with either. So yay for that.

And then there are other things that I’m not going to place here cos though no-one reads this it is still the internet so things stay here and people may find them.

So vent vent vent vent byebye


SgtWoegerfenning signing off


Yo wuddup mah main readizzles? Sorry if that was a bit too street for you guys I’ll try and tone it down for you, no promises though, we all know how that turns out don’t we?…. *fixatesonapointinthewall….. mmmmm… not nice. OK then lets get this goin. So guess what I’ve been doing today. No seriously. Guess. Guess… I’m not saying anything until you’ve guessed. You guessed yet? No? Well fine then…….. *sulkyface….. ….. Aaaaaaww I can’t stay mad at you! Well here it comes. I’ve been writing a rap. Now I don’t know if I mentioned it before (and I’m way too lazy to check) but me and my partner’s theme for the previously mentioned pageant/contest/thing is rap music and obviously with my sense of humor being what it is (as well as me being a massive Epic Rap Battles Of History fan (I just gave away where I was going with this didn’t I?)) I decided that we simply have to do a rap battle… That of course requires writing… Which I’ve been doing. It isn’t quite done and it isn’t as funny as I would like it but in my opinion (I will never say imo cos that just sounds like you are being a d***) it’s really not bad. Also I’ve been watching a lot of Castle and can’t seem to get enough of it…. Nathan Fillion is brilliant. Watch it


SgtWoegerfenning signing off.


Heeey there… (read that in the talking-nervously-to-a-psychopathic-child-who-just-got-really-quiet way, not the teenage-girl-generic-IM-greeting way)… I know I’ve been away a while and not living up to my whole bi-weekly-schedule-thingy, but there are some explanations for that. Firstly stuff mentioned in pweviouws bwog powst abowt stuff thawts been gowing own and I’ve devewoped a text wisp somehow….. All better. Secondly, I’m in my matric year of school (that would be final year for you other country-living-aficionados) and that means I’m being swamped with work, an added bonus is that University (College (what you know University? I just typed College for nothing? Simply erasing College would be less effort than typing all this parenthesised text?…. but I like parenthesised text)) admissions in this country is kind of biased against someone of my… Well… pigment… So I kinda have to work my lender little butskins off. Thirdly, and connected with my matric being-ness I was challenged to enter the school’s mr. and miss. thing and actually made it through, so now I spend what used to be my free time working out, researching and practising me and my partners item… For a lazy person (as we all very well know I am) you can imagine all this has been quite disconcerting, though exciting I must add… On the flip-side of the coin I believe it has had some effect on my mental well-being as last night I had a nightmare in wich I was being chased around a gigantic white lavatory by the secretary of the Vogon general from The Hitchikers Guide To The Galaxy who had developed the Slender Man’s powers. The secretary that is. Not the general. I killed him by playing the ”He had it coming” song from Chicago on the piano a while earlier….. I woke up screaming.

SgtWoegerfenning signing off.

(I did see the Assassins Creed IV concept pic though… Dat mutton-chops…)

Explaining whats happnin

So…. Yeah… Here I am. Due to unforseen circumstances I’m currently being housed not in my regular accommodations. Ok it wasn’t unforseen, I just (like I do) forgot untill about two days ago… So now I’m sitting literally two blocks from home, without my PC, or my Wi-Fi internet connection… So my time in my regular world is heavily influenced by how when I’m willing to risk my cellphone airtime… Thats explaining whats happnin
SgtWoegerfenning signing off


Right, so as promised I have in fact returned to bring my dear dear two followers [insert overcompensatingly large denial-smile here] back to the land of my weird weird little head. (Just to clarify that is a statement made in jest, my head is perfectly normal sized or (if you listen to my dear sister) rather too large for people who don’t think fire is the niftiest thing since using a stick to scratch your bum (that bum joke is mine, she’s too “proper” for that sort of thing)). 

So onward to Holiday Stuff. On the start of the holiday I went on an epic five-day cruise. Dirt cheap too as the company had two discount promotions running at the same time both of which I qualified for and they (whether as a business decision or a oversight) hadn’t thought  of making them all one-or-the-other-y. So in the end we went for just about nothing and it was very very noice. I spent almost every night partying in the clubby thing. Yes I know. Surprised me too. Especially how much I enjoyed it. I do not have much of a history of doing anything that befits a “young person” of today so it was an interesting experience for me. <Side note: I can’t tell you how happy I am for the spell checker here, I just had what I suspect my fifteenth typo (I guess I’m more tired than I suspected)> The weirdest part was that I actually managed to dance. Though I seriously suspect that that had more to do with the swaying of the ship than self-inflicted movement. The only issue I had was how expensive the stuff on the ship was, like the curios, internet and cocktails, don’t judge me. I only ever drank the Steel Mill. It’s manly alright. It’s black-ish. And has a metal in the name. SHUTUP ALRIGHT…. … Freakin hell. I did love the snacks available in the shops. I bought a pack of mini-Oreos. Ate one, ate another, inhaled the rest, went to the bathroom to experience the aftermath of said inhaling, sat on my bed for a bit and promised to never eat another Oreo in my life, immediately set out and bought more.

After that I went on to a little beach town, stayed there for approximately three weeks. A couple of interesting things happened there. Firstly my Coke addiction soared to new heights. By that I mean the drinkable kind, no seriously (that believable?). Mostly this was due to the supermarket stationed about 2 blocks away from where I was stationed sold it in glass-bottles! With metal caps! As in the packaging in which the nectar of all niceness tastes best. And which you will not find anywhere, or at least anywhere I look. So the result was that by the time I left my caravan’s cupboard was home to more empty bottles than days I’ve spent there. Now I should clarify that when I’m there that I live in a caravan. It is stationed (last time I say that promise) next to the wall (this becomes important later) and a while off from our holiday home…. Here’s the becomes important later bit. Our neighbors rent out their house quite often when they aren’t there. And quite often to the same type of people. The kind who plays unbearable music at blaring volumes at all times of both night and day. One particular group had been staying there for about a week blaring a genre of music I find particularly repulsive, what it was is not the point and I won’t name it so as not to insult anyone. So I set up my speakers on the roof of my caravan swiveled them to aim at what I assumed to be a bedroom window and played Disco Pogo and similar tunes as loudly as my PS3 and speakers would allow for an entire day, literally. Safe to say I wasn’t bothered again after that.

So yes I’m back I shall attempt to stick to my new bi-weekly schedule and will try to be as funny as I can. There’s still more left of my holiday, but that waits for some other time.


SgtWoegerfenning signing off

At least one promise I will keep

Right, this aint my proper AHM BACK! post yet. That should show itself later this weekend. No this is just me posting the poem I sent the girl I’m taking to our version of the American prom. Me being me I first asked her normally to ensure she would go with me and then I did this more “creative version”. I’m posting it here for the “anyone can see” bit…. She said yes both times so YAY.

Here we go: (don’t judge me)

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I don’t much like poems
But I know that you do

In this little verse I’m performing the task
Of letting you know I have something to ask
Would you do me the honour 
Though for you possible horror
Of accompanying me
To the Afskeid soiree

Now I’m going to stop
Cause it’s starting to flop
As I’m beating these rhymes with a big hunting crop

I know this is c__p
But it’s far better than my rap
And if it did not make you smile you can give me a slap

btw. I did actually have a rap written but it will take A LOT to convince me to post that


SgtWoegerfenning signing off

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